Jules, Nina and George tales, by Anita Pouroulis

Check out award-winning author Anita Pouroulis' series of children's picture books about a young girl's adventures with her dogs. The third book, Happy Birthday Nina! is out now!  

Introducing Jules, Nina and George

Upcoming for Spring 2016 is the launch of Who Will I Meet?, a board book taking children on a flight of the imagination, to meet some of the lovely people of their future lives.

Where Will I Go?

Where Will I Go? is a board book inviting children to dream of adventure. Taking them around the world this is a great introductory to travel and a fun bedtime story too.

A new app for the Summer

Download our latest children's picture book app, Where Will I Go? and take your child on a magical journey around the world, in the company of the one and only Brian Blessed.

Nina the Pretty Ballerina

Nina the Pretty Ballerina. is the final book in the 'Jules, Nina and George tales' picture book series. Dog-loving children will adore the stories that are chock-full of canine mayhem.