Hot off the press!!!

Check out our 3 delightful new printed books: What Will I Be?, Alonzo and the All-Eyed Monster and Dog On Stilts.  

Brian Blessed joins the Leaf

What Will I Be?, our award-winning app about the power of dreams, has had an upgrade. Legendary British actor, Brian Blessed is now the narrator, in his own inimitable fashion.

What Will I Be?

What Will I Be? is a board book inviting children (3+) to dream. What will they be when they're older, scientists, footballers, astronauts? All they need do is imagine...

Alonzo and the All-Eyed Monster

The third book in the Alonzo the Chicken series, Alonzo and the All-Eyed Monster is a chapter book that's brim full of adventure. If you like animals and action this one's for you.

Dog On Stilts!

Dog On Stilts is the follow up book to The Weasel, Puffin, Unicorn, Baboon, Pig, Lobster Race book. It's very stylish and very funny - a story about the desire to be more.