Just who are Digital Leaf?

Cutting edge children’s publishing

Digital Leaf is a new, independent company, publishing children’s books and apps.

Founded in 2011 (in response to the emergence of the iPad and the Kindle as credible storytelling devices) our initial remit was to use digital technologies to make exciting children’s fiction. That’s still the core of what we do – seeking to establish digital storytelling formats that contribute positively to children’s entertainment and educational needs.

In 2012 we began making our stories in traditional paperback form too. While we are excited about the digital opportunities of the age, we also love the timeless qualities of printed books which have their own magic. For children’s sake we hope they remain around in healthy quantities into the forseeable future.

We have now published a number of titles in paperback, hardback, ibook and app form (see Our Titles for more details) with several other titles in development stages.

We welcome manuscripts from all writers with a good, children’s story to tell. Please send any stories in to hello@digitalleaf.co.uk and we will read them and get back to you.