Our Team

Meet the people making it happen

The founders

Neil Jeffries

Neil is Digital Leaf’s Managing Director. His background is in design and marketing though he has specialised in digital (ever since there was such a thing).

Co-ordinating the many different requirements of a modern day app and book publisher his role is multi-faceted and ranges from managements of accounts to app development management. He happily straddles the worlds of business and design and is as valuable creatively as any other member of the team with much of the company’s branding and presentation down to him.

He has two young children and an older daughter, all of whom keep stealing his iPad and his iPhone!

Dustin Brooks

Dustin is Digital Leaf’s Writer/Editor-in-chief. As a partner he is involved in everything from assessing submitted manuscripts to project management to reading new submissions and nurturing new business. He is at his happiest editing a rhyming story but is pretty happy the rest of the time too.

With a background working as copywriter in the children’s education sector, Dustin is also the writer of Digital Leaf’s debut title, ‘Feed-‘Em Fred’,¬†which was inspired by his only son, William.