Our vision

This is what makes us tick

Making a difference

Children deserve the very best.  Of everything.  By investing in our children, in their imaginations and in their hearts we can change the future.  For the better.  It’s no small thing and not one we take lightly.

It is Digital Leaf’s devoted aim to create some of the best children’s applications and stories in the world. We intend to light up children’s lives, stimulate them to laugh, to think and to grow.  And not just children.  Our stories are aimed at bringing whole families together, promoting ideas of health, happiness and love, the things that make life such a great adventure.

It’s a grand vision, alright.  But a worthwhile one.  Our children will be shaped and defined by what they see on computer screens and digital devices like no other before them.  We want to use this opportunity to fill children with wonder, to take them on empowering, educational journeys that shape who they grow up to be.

This is our humble beginning.  Our tentative first steps.  But like children we have big dreams.  We hope you join us on our journey.