How we can help you build an app to bring your story to life

What We Do

We transform static stories both into printed books and dynamic apps. This takes an understanding of what makes good, interactive storytelling as well as plenty of design and programming capability. Digitally we focus on delivering for the Apple suite of products, but if you are looking to publish for Android or kindle please ask.

We can deliver the following services for you

  • iBook, eBook and full app publication
  • Strategy and vision for your app
  • Application design & build
  • Illustrations and animation
  • Voice over, narration and sound effects
  • Script writing and editing
  • Support marketing for your app
  • Social media and network set up
  • Traditional book design printing

Below are some possible examples of how we could would work best for you:

I’m a writer of a children’s story

You’ve written your own story and would now like to get it out into the digital world.  You may be published or never have been in print before but have a great story that needs further development. We can help.  From story development through to building the app and on to marketing it, we’re keen to hear from storytellers of all kinds.

I’m a Publisher or agent looking to get my children’s titles made into an app

You’ve already got proven stories and need technical experts to transform them into lively, engaging apps. We take existing, successful stories to new heights while maintaining the spirit of the original. Contact us for more information.

Interested in what we can do, then get in touch with us then click here