Apps Playground Review

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Healthy eating? I wish. My two boys are wary of carrots, view peas with barely-concealed hostility, and laugh in the face of sweetcorn. Sorry, I meant they throw it inmy face, rather than eat it. At least they’ve never been known to refuse a fruit of any kind.

For parents trying (in vain or otherwise) to persuade their children on the merits of eating healthy stuff, there’s a new iPad book-app that may be worth a try. It’s called Feed-’Em Fred (The Chef of Dread), which I grant you sounds slightly scary.

It’s not, but it’s horrible in the best sense of the word – the sense that delights every child with just-the-right-side-of-gruesome humour. The story focuses on a child who won’t eat their fruit’n’veg, until they meet Fred, a chef whose cuisine takes rather too much inspiration from I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here (clue: bugs).

It’s the first app I’ve ever seen that flags up the ability to ‘pour salt on the snails’ as a feature, which might raise a few eyebrows among gastropod fanciers. But bags of interactivity (not to mention a lizard-tongue trifle) say kids will love this. A £2.49 / $3.99 price means it’s not too expensive either.

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