Digital Leaf begins development of John Jackson’s ‘Tales for Great Grandchildren’

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Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve been chosen to create the app version of John Jackson’s children’s book, ‘Tales for Great Grandchildren’.

The collection of short stories which had it’s paper-book launch yesterday (published by JJ Books) are versions of classic tales from around the world. ¬†They are rich, exotic, larger-than-life stories, full of extraordinary happenings. The unexpected is never far away and though they all resonate with meaning sometimes the meaning is difficult to fathom. Compared to many standardized, western children’s stories they are a welcome breath of fresh air.

Aimed at children 8+ the collection comprises of 13 tales which are each supported by one bewitching illustration (by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini). Our challenge is to transfer the magic of the original tales to app format, maintaining the magic and adding to it. It’s a challenge we’re busy working on right now.

*Tales for Great Grandchildren by John Jackson is available to buy at