Fun app, serious message

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Feed-‘Em Fred is the extraordinary tale of how one fussy-eating boy goes from eating cocopops and chips to enjoying healthy fruits and vegetables via the horrible food of the Chef, Feed-‘Em Fred. It’s a lot of fun with bug-filled pizzas and various creepy-crawly filled dishes for children to squeal at and with which to interact.

But behind all the fun and amusement is a serious point. What we eat is important. Children in particular are busy growing their whole bodies out of the food they consume. We all want them to have the best possible start in life but how can they when they’re eating processed sugars and fatty foods. Parents around the world can all relate to this highly-charged subject.

The subject is a particularly big one in the UK. A recent report states that 70,000 people die prematurely each year because of a bad diet. And we all know these bad eating habits are usually formed in the crucial early years.

The problem is so bad that Jamie Oliver is on a crusade to change how we think about eating around the world. Convenience food is one cause of the problem. No longer do families feel they have the time to spend in the kitchen cooking healthy, fresh dishes. Jamie sees it as important that we change the whole culture of food, from the way they teach about it in the classroom, to the way mums cook at home.

Feed-‘Em Fred is, we believe, one more nudge in the right direction for young minds. Through fun and play kids can start to think about food and its importance in family life. At Digital Leaf our main goal is to entertain and delight but we’re always keen to give positive messages too. Feed-‘Em Fred as a story has a very powerful and important message and as our debut app sets a tone we’ll be hoping to maintain for a good while yet.