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I think every parent has struggled with trying to get their children to eat healthy foods at some point. I can’t recall where I read it, but one parent cleverly said that the surest way to keep your child from eating junk food is to spend 45 minutes preparing it! While this book may not actually persuade your little one to eat what you cook, it’s cute and we can all relate.

The story focuses on a young boy that refuses to eat his mother’s cooking. In an act of desperation, Feed-’Em Fred is hired to prepare an alternative menu filled with bugs and lizards and everything gross… which quite successfully persuades the boy to change his mind and try his mother’s healthy meals.

The illustrations are great, and several pages offer animation in the story itself which happens while the story is being read (either by you or a narrator, which you can choose from the main menu). The story itself is funny and rhyming and I’ve noticed that sometimes when a story is completely ridiculous, children listen more closely.

Some of the interactive content is what you would expect, mainly noises as you tap specific items. But there are a few pages that are particularly special like being able to press the numbers to dial an animated phone or tilting your iPad to slide food around the table.

What I liked: I was worried when I read that it used bugs as persuasion that it would be scary, but it really paints them more as gross and not to be eaten and doesn’t use fear at all.

What I didn’t like: My chief complaint is one that I’ve had for many interactive storybooks. While this book contains a large number of things for your child to tap and swipe, it can be difficult to tell when and where these items are. For older children who have patience and a better understand of the way a touch-screen works, this isn’t a problem. For younger children with limited abilities and patience, it can be frustrating.

To buy or not to buy: This is a cute story and appropriate for both toddlers and older children. If you’ve ever had a struggle at the dinner table, I think you need to buy this one.

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