Persian Cat Press likes Fred

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This colourful picture book, ideal for ages four and over, is perfect for teaching the kids the value of healthy eating.

Feed-‘Em Fred is the story of a young boy named William. He prefers chips to carrots and can’t think of anything worse than eating vegetables. In despair, his mother calls Fred Mangetout, a renowned French chef to come and fix the problem. Instead of gourmet cuisine however, Fred cook ‘classics’ like roasted snake and snail porridge.

The story, written by Dustin Brooks, has some very funny moments. William eventually makes the right choice about what food to eat but it’s great cringeworthy fun watching him come to his arduous decision.

Betty Le Bon’s illustrations are vibrant and highly detailed and Fred and his various culinary catastrophes are impressively rendered. The whole experience is definitely aided by the crisp resolution of the iPad screen.

There are three modes for kids to play around with: read to me, read and play and read myself. The first two modes feature narration from Royce Mills, whose dulcet tones really add to the story.

Read and play also features a few extra little interactive elements that help push things along nicely. And Royce addressing you the directly to let you know you can interact with something is a great way to ‘break down the fourth wall’.

The only downside to this app is that there’s not quite enough interaction from page to page. The animation can feel quite sluggish at times, giving the impression there could have been a few extra frames per second added.

That said, Feed-‘Em Fred is simply a highly enjoyable picture book app for kids. There are some good interactive elements, striking illustration and solid writing.

If you’re hungry for a great picture book app, then Feed-‘Em Fred will satisfy your appetite.

Joshua Douglas-Walton

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