The woman from Del Monte, she say ‘Yes!’

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By Jackie Pease, teacher at Sun City Elementary school, Louisiana

I would like to purchase an iPad for my classroom. There are hundreds of Apps available for download about healthy eating and living a physically fit life. Letting the children use technology to track their weight, heart rate, and eating habits is a great way to teach these skills early.

The $250.00 worth of fresh fruit is a way to introduce students to fresh fruit that some of them may have never seen before. The iPad will be natural for children, simply because it’s large and easy to use.I think the iPad will spark a revolution in children’s culture. I’m convinced that starting this year, and especially next year, iPads will be the No. 1 most requested holiday and birthday gift by everyone under the age of 18, and especially under the age of 12. Starting this year, kids will learn to read, write and count on iPads. They’ll watch TV, movies and cartoons on iPads. They’ll do social networking, play games, and even color in virtual coloring books.

By the time these kids reach middle school, they will have been using multitouch user interfaces almost every day for eight years or more. The iPad platform will prove irresistible to everyone — parents, content providers, and especially the kids themselves.

We need to start these kids on the technology track now so they won’t be left behind. One app that I have found fun and exciting is called Feed-’Em Fred (The Chef of Dread). It’s for parents and teachers trying to persuade their children on the merits of eating healthy stuff. The story focuses on a child who won’t eat their fruit’n’veg, until they meet Fred, a chef whose cuisine takes rather too much inspiration from I’m A Celebrity. It’s the first app I’ve ever seen that flags up the ability to ‘pour salt on the snails’ as a feature, which might raise a few eyebrows among gastropod fanciers. But bags of interactivity say kids will love this and many more like it.

We also want our kids to eat healthy for life and with the help of Del Monte’s Teacher Monday program, we can make it happen.

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