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Nina Goes Barking Mad! by Anita Pouroulis

Nina is usually the well-behaved one. It’s George who attacks the clothes line and digs up the garden. But today it’s Nina’s turn to drive Mum mad. Just why won’t she stop barking?

Jules and Nina Dine Out is the mysterious second book in the ‘Jules, Nina and George’ Tales series, by award-winning author Anita Pouroulis.

Recommended age 5+

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Stop That Barking Nina!

Released June 2015

Release DateJune 2015
Media: Paperback / iBook
Author: Anita Pouroulis
Illustrator: Agata Krawczyk
Paperback RRP: £6.99
iBook: £1.99
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-909428-52-2